The above painting of the Paul Smith store on Melrose Avenue was given to Paul Smith as a gift from John. Paul then created a limited edition women's silk scarf featuring a print of that painting, to be sold exclusively in the Melrose Avenue store.

Tierney’s paintings are rendered in a highly realistic style. He uses oil paint to enhance the luminosity of each picture and his compositions are distinguished by their vibrant colors, the interplay of light and shadow, and the juxtaposition of form and space.  According to Tierney, his primary influences are Edward Hopper and David Hockney.


Whereas in fashion the adjective “architectural” is an asset, a positive term that applies to a design with distinctively strong structure and form, the term “fashionable” in architecture is pejorative, suggesting a fleeting trend with no lasting worth. As trends typically come and go, only to return again, the fast wheel of fashion occasionally falls into alignment with the slow motion of architecture. This peculiar synchrony between “fashion time” and “architecture time” is both unsettling and liberating. - See more at: