Spotlight: Irene Mamiye

“Photography is the only medium that captures reality as it .”
Irene Mamiye Art Gallery,    89 Spring Street,New York City

Irene Mamiye Art Gallery, 89 Spring Street,New York City

Irene Mamiye is a New York-based artist who incorporates various digital imaging techniques into her photography. Inspired by light, color and movement, she employs a precise and labor-intensive process to transcend what is expected of the photographic medium. The luminous images harness chance to transform their sources and involve viewers in journeys toward a personal discovery of significance. Irene's beautiful abstracts have been featured in major publications such as Vanity Fair, Elle,  and Architectural Digest, as well an interior design collection called Chroma

Labyrinth188B  , 2013

Labyrinth188B, 2013