Attractive People Attractive Things

One of Slim Aarons’ most famous quotes states that he built his career “photographing attractive people who were doing attractive things in attractive places.” Today, his fresco of this international Jet Set looks unreal — as if the world he depicted never existed. 

The "fabulous life" was Aaron's specialty. Known for his glamorous poolside shots of the elite, Aaron's iconic images sweep you up in a fantasy unlike any other.  His magical compositions and saturated blues create a Dolce Vita Esk feel to reality. 

Sim Aarons was a visionary. As a young man, his photojournalism assignments inspired Alfred Hitchcock to create the leading role for Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window,, as the man who could not stop shooting, even with a broken leg. 

An homage to sunny lawns, clean eager profiles, bright lakes, Hampton parties, pretty woman and, above all style- slim Aron's photographs are icons of a time past

In his own worlds, “the landscapes, the beautiful boats, the colorful kayaks, the beach umbrellas, the ski-lifts … just all the colors. Photos of happy times.”

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