Wonderful Other Worlds : Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay's phantasmagorical nature photographs defy all odds. In a world where nature photography has been done to death, LeMay' creates unique images that radiate with awe. 


Ysabel LeMay found photography later in life, after a successful career working as a graphic artist.Seeking greater fulfillment, she turned to painting, and photography. By combining her graphic design skills with her unique photographic eye 


LeMay creates ‘Wonderful Other Worlds’, which she builds through the process of hyper college. Combining her technical expertise with her painterly eye, LeMay creates photographs that challenge our perception of landscape.


Lemay’s photographs flora, birds, tree limbs, flowers, and anything else she finds along her daily walks. Once back in the studio, she assembles all her files and starts layering images, using hundreds of individual files to construct each final photograph. 


Balancing color, light and subject, Ysabel LeMay creates pieces that vibrate with an intensity often experienced in dreams. Wonders continues LeMay’s dedication to the land and the endless beauty it evokes.