Create Your Space: Our Favorite Home Decor Picks for Spring

Spring Has Arrived! Which is always the perfect time to brighten up your decor and add some fabulous new editions to your space. Whatever your style- sleek and minimal to whimsical and cozy; we found the perfect home decor for every taste and budget!

1. Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari, and Stefano Seletti: Lipstick Mirror


This MoMA-exclusive mirror serves as a helpful reminder to not leave the house before touching up your make-up. The lipstick image was pulled from the pages of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari's provocative image-only magazine Toilet Paper. Cattelan is a celebrated artist whose facetious sculptures and installations poke fun at popular culture, history, and religion in a manner that is at once irreverent and bitingly critica


2. Nama Rococo French Dot Wallpaper 

Founded by artist Karen Combs, Nama Rococo makes luxurious hand painted and hand printed large format wallpapers sold by the individual sheet. All Nama Rococo papers are based on Karen’s artwork and designs. Think of it as wallpaper-as-fine art!

3. WE MAKE CARPETS temporary contemporary carpet


WE MAKE CARPETS does not make carpets. At least, not the kind of carpet you can walk on. From LED lights to crayons, this Dutch design team creates extraordinary and unusual works of art from everyday objects.

4. Andy Warhol: Brillo Pouf

     Andy Warhol's fascination with all things ubiquitous and commercial has come full circle in this collaboration between Belgian design studio Quinze & Milan and The Andy Warhol Foundation. This functional replica of Andy Warhol's iconic Brillo Box sculptures, featured in MoMA's collection, makes a light and portable extra seat that's decorative when it's not in use.      5.    Alex Katz: Sara Mearns Dessert Plate


Andy Warhol's fascination with all things ubiquitous and commercial has come full circle in this collaboration between Belgian design studio Quinze & Milan and The Andy Warhol Foundation. This functional replica of Andy Warhol's iconic Brillo Box sculptures, featured in MoMA's collection, makes a light and portable extra seat that's decorative when it's not in use.

5. Alex Katz: Sara Mearns Dessert Plate


Alex Katz is recognized as a hugely influential precursor to the Pop art movement and one of the most respected American artists working today. Katz’s portraits and figure studies are characterized by their flatness of form, restrained lines, and emotionally detached subjects. This plate features the work Sara (Mearns), 2012.


6. Gonzalo Campos Times 4 Coffee Table


Thanks to its four neatly segmented and colored partitions Goncalo Campos‘ Times 4 table creates an innovative type of storage using a rotating system that reveals one quarter at a time

7. Chifen Focal Point Lamp


Designed by Montreal-based Chifen, Focal Point is both a decorative and functional fixture. Contained in a cube made of porcelain, the light source is able to pivot and travel along a bent copper tube which also acts as the stand for the lamp.


8. Yayoi Kusama: The Me That I Adore, Porcelain Tea Set


You CAN afford the recently dubbed "Most Popular Living Artist," with this chic and whimsical dot-to-dot teacup and saucer set, available at the Whitney Museum Store.


9. West Elm Pierced Metal Lanters

Light up the night. In a bronze finish, these Pierced Metal Lanterns shine one at a time or take on a twinkly firefly effect when they’re clustered together.


10. Safomasi Pink Mithai Double Quit

Inspired by the hundreds of varieties of Indian sweets documented by Sarah Fotheringham on her travels across India, this colourful double bed cover features our signature mithai design; 13 colours screen printed by hand, with a final layer of shiny silver ink! Paired with a pink candy stripe reverse it blends Indian and western sensibilities for a fun, fresh look.

Fashion Forward: A Peek at Designers Favorite Artists

Michael Kors defines jet-setting luxury chic, from runway to ready to wear. At home, the sleek miminimalist chic of his clothes tranfers to chromatic sparse interiors that need no frills. Frank Stella would be right at home in this Manhattan townhouse.


The gestural brushwork of James Nares is a favorite of Project Runways' Nina Garcia, as well as photographer Vik Muniz who appropriates famous imagery from art history and pop culture with unexpected, quotidian objects.

The New York apartment of Narciso Rodriguez- a minimalist paradise complemented by the D'Urso chandelier, reflecting the designers' preference for objects that look more engineered than styled.



Great Space: Interior Designers and their Art

One of the most gratifying experiences at Hamburg Kennedy is the opportunity to work with interior designers- and we've been privileged to work with some of the best! 

Whether it's in the form of photography, painting, sculpture or some other medium, artwork is a great opportunity to incorporate personality and character into any space. Additionally, artwork can prove a great conduit for injecting color and texture into a room or provide a focal point where none exists.  Watching the culmination of a beautiful space come together is our passion, and today we feature a few of our favorite interior designers- individuals who's distinct eye and taste we respect and admire.

1. Nathan Jay "Nate" Berkus is an American interior designer, author, TV host and television personality. He runs the Chicago interior design firm Nate Berkus Associates and has been a regularly featured guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, offering design advice to viewers, as well as coordinating surprise make-overs for people's homes. He has released numerous lines of products, and authored several books.


2.  Eric Cohler is highly acclaimed for his distinguishing ability to fuse classical and contemporary elements. Dubbed “The Mixmaster” by industry editors, Cohler’s interior spaces display layers of unusual texture, color, and verve. His New York firm handles residential and commercial projects throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. In recent years, Cohler has expanded to include product design; Lee Jofa features his distinctive collection of fabrics, furniture, and rugs, and Visual Comfort & Co., carries many of Cohler’s original lighting designs.


3. Since 2000, Ellie Cullman has been listed in the definitive “AD 100” Architectural Digest’s designated best designers and architects. She was included as well in the AD January 2005 list of “The Deans of American Design,” and was the recipient of the “Stars of Design” award at NYC’s D&D building in Oct 2009. 


4. Alessandra Branca learned at an early age that classical beauty was meant to be intermingled with everyday life, and that the well-lived life takes place not in stiff and serious surroundings, but in artful structures graced with a comfortable elegance and wit. Branca is widely known for fusing chic, old-world craftsmanship with energy and practicality in all she designs. Celebrated for her impeccable style and exceptional use of color, Branca is consistently ranked as one of America’s top designers. Her numerous honors and awards include ELLE DECOR’s 2011, 2012, and 2013 A List, House Beautiful’s Master Class, and more. 


5.  Vern Yip is an American interior designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He periodically appeared on TLC's Trading Spaces through its fourth season, and was known for frequently including silk, candles and flowers in the rooms he designed.

Screen shot 2015-03-27 at 11.22.39 AM.png

In Design: How to Frame Your Space

When you buy as much art as we do, you’ll soon realize that walls can only handle so much. Ultimately, making your collection both visible and balanced within your living space can’t be solved with spatial planning alone — getting creative is key. Even if your inventory isn’t as abundant as an art dealer’s, transforming a slim collection into a visual powerhouse can be as simple as a change in context — whether that’s getting art off the wall, or simply out of the frame it came with. Before you get started, get inspired....

1. Top a makeshift side-table pile of your favorite art books with a narrowly framed photo


2. Try arranging differently shaped pieces along an antique entryway bench

3. Draw the eye towards the horizon with a complimentary color palette and parallel imagery, perfectly executed by the work of David Burdeny.

David Burdeny in Hamburg Kennedy's Residential Portfolio

David Burdeny in Hamburg Kennedy's Residential Portfolio

4. Anchor a vertical wall hangings with a substantial display, like this box-frame planted on a vintage chair


5. Try lining frames along the floor to keep the focus consistent in a room with shorter furniture and low-hanging lighting

6. Quickly dress up a blank wall by attaching a collage of inexpensive reproductions using opaque artist’s tape



7. A large-scale mural guarantees that a wall will make a statement. An elegant backdrop like this mural of the Musée du Louvre may appeal to you, or you can enlarge a black-and-white photo of your own and print it out panel by panel in several engineer prints for something more custom.


8. Create the sense of a sophisticated gallery with a wall collage of photos from the pages of magazines. Start with a unifying theme—whether it's black-and-white portraits or world architecture—and then flip through titles known for spectacular photography, like Vanity Fair or National Geographic, for your clippings.

9. Hang photos in front of your bookshelf


10. Let the wall paper be the image within the frame.  Choose wall paper with different colors, scenic views, whimsical shapes, textures etc.  Them place an empty frame on the wall .  The frames give the wall a clean and uniform look. Also have the frame to match the molding or outline color being used within the space.